The Linhai 550 4×4, which is already very popular, moves the M550L EFI EPS much higher. The modern aggressive design with a predator’s face, attractive aluminum wheels, a powerful electric power steering, great handling, high utility value, great handling and, last but not least, outstanding practicality make the M550L EFI 4×4 a new middle class favorite. In addition, thanks to the extended wheelbase, the Linhai M550L EPS offers a much more comfortable ride in two. Modern injection of the renowned British brand DELPHI brings, besides lower fuel consumption and cleaner combustion, a reliable start without the need for choke and optimum engine power. Perfect traction and perfect power transmission are provided by two lockable differentials, one on the front and the other on the rear axle. The M550L EFI EPS thus becomes the newest Linhai’s work and recreation and again moves the quad bike standards in this class.

L7e Euro4 homologated (road legal)

EFI Engine

Reliable, liquid-cooled single cylinder SOHC has enough power for hard work and fast ride. The preparation of the mixture is ensured by the modern injection of DELPHI fuel. In addition to lower fuel consumption and clean combustion, it also brings trouble-free starting without the need for choke and optimum performance at every altitude. Transmission of performance is ensured by a reliable automatic transmission of the CV-Tech front-end Canadian brand with off-road, neutral and reverse gear; You will also appreciate the powerful engine brake in the hills.

Electric power steering

The power steering makes it easy to control the quad bike and contributes to the high driving comfort. Driving so requires only minimal effort, even at low speeds or on-the-spot rotation, and neither long ride or all-day work will make you tired. The power steering not only soothes the ride and improves the handling of the quad bike but also acts as a shock absorber for the handlebars. When the front wheel encounters a hidden stone, a hole or a stump, the booster absorbs most of the energy, and the impact will not put the handlebars out of your hand.

All-wheel drive with two differentials

The 2×4 / 4×4 drive is equipped with two electrically operated differentials. Thanks to the 100% lockable differential on each axle, the quad bike will surely get you out of slippery mud, deep mud, allowing you to safely ride, ride, climb and overtake almost anything. This technically the most sophisticated solution, however, ensures easy and pleasant steering on straight, high speeds and curves, with no tendency to lace and longer tire life. Just stop and choose the most suitable configuration.

Extended chassis

High terrain patency and perfect cornering stability even with fast ride. Extensive wheelbase, amazing climbing and skillful handling: an excellent wide chassis and a rigid, low-center frame ensuring comfortable driving and ease-of-use. Independent all-wheel suspension with high suspension strokes will enchant you every time you once again win over a terrain where you did not even dare. The powerful four-disc braking system convinces you with its braking power whether you need to brake at high speed or heavy load.

Modern lighting

Modern LED lighting underscores the attractive design of this model. LED daytime running lights effectively complement the aggressive look of high-performance double-headlights with dual-lens lenses, and along with LED blinkers give the Linhai M550 an adult and distinctive look. The same advanced advanced LED technology with clear optics is also used for high-lighted 16-way tail lights and rear flashers for increased passive safety.

Closed rear storage compartment

On trips or everyday work you will appreciate a large lockable storage space behind the rear seat. So keep your things at hand, always ready for use whenever you need them.




Multifunction LCD display

The state-of-the-art dashboard with a clear and easy-to-read blue backlit multifunctional LCD display provides all the important information: a digital speedometer, a digital tachometer, mileage indicator, mileage indicator, gear shift indicator, 2×4 / 4×4 drive indicator, coolant thermometer and digital fuel gauge . In addition, there are neutral, distant, directional and warning lights, engine indicator and reverse gear.

Full equipment

Despite its favorable price, the Linhai M550 EFI 4×4 offers a very rich standard equipment. These include, for example, a massive front frame, a rear luggage carrier, a design alu wheel with branded tires, a reliable electric winch with a pulling force of 3000lbs and a remote control, towing equipment, lever and handguards, design rearview mirrors, LED daytime running lights, LED LED blinkers and LED tail lights, four projector headlights, USB socket, 12V socket, or practical acoustic signaling for blinkers and reverse gear.


Type: four-stroke single cylinder SOHC fuel-injected DELPHI
Volume: 493 cm 3
Ignition: ECU
Cooling: fluid + electric fan

Drive system

Drive: 2×4 / 4×4 electrically switchable
Transmission: Automatic – CVT variator with reverse L / H / N / R, the engine braking
Power transfer: front and rear lockable differential


Suspension front: independent McPherson
Rear Suspension: IRS / independent double A-arm
Suspension front: Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable spring preload
Rear Suspension: Hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable spring preload
Brakes front: 2x hydraulic disc
Brakes Rear: 1 hydraulic disc brake + parking
Tires front: AT25 x 8-12
Rear tires: AT25 x 10-12

Dimensions and weight

Total length: 2283 mm
Overall width: 1150 mm
Total height: 1293 mm
Seat height:  900 mm
Light height:  253 mm
wheelbase: 1490 mm
Dry weight: 374 kg
Capacity / pulling force: 204 kg / 200 kg
Fuel tank: 14.5 L

Appliances and lighting

display: Digital multifunction display functions: tachometer, speedometer, maximum achieved engine speed, maximum speed achieved, average speed, 2 counters daily distance traveled, total mileage, daily counter, mileage reading, a total counter driven hour meter, fuel gauge, diagnostic trouble code, board clock
lights: 4×4, shift gears, engine temperature, engine oil, direction indicators, lights
Lighting: projector headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED blinkers, tail and brake lights


Electric power steering, electrically assignable drive 2×4 / 4×4 with two electrically controlled differentials , steel rear carrier design Alloy wheels branded tires Sun-F, electric winch with a pulling force 3000lbs and remote control, hitch, covers levers double seat the raised footrest and handle passenger, LED daytime running lights, dual projector headlamps, LED rear / brake / turn signal lights, audible signal repeaters, storage space under the rear rack, USB socket

Legislation and approval

Homologation for road use: yes (driving license B – car)
Registration number (license plate) included (when picking machines receive a fair copy of the technical certificate)


Photos and illustrations of the machine may not exactly match the design for the Latvian market. Importer reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

Cena: 6690.00 EUR (ar PVN)